If you have just started... 

Now when we have discussed how to choose a rod, a line and a reel. Let us speak about what to do after you'll get all these. So, you are at home with your new #5-6 black Loop, #6 Loop distance line and Loop trout graphite reel as well as 100m of backing, 3X poly leader and tippet ( 0.16 mm mono filament ~3kg). Or maybe with Sage, Loomis, House of Hardy. If the latter everything is very simple. Buy Fly Fishing And Fly Tying magazine choose the best place in Fishing, Fisheries And Holidays Overseas or in Register of Experienced Fly Fishing Instructors, Schools and Guides take a plane don't forget to take with you your credit card and forget about this site and my advises. But if you are still with me let's think together how we can start.
At first put all your tackle together. Put on the reel 50-100m of backing then connect it with the line ( in the case of weight forward line (Loop distance) find the label which shows the direction to the reel ( the thinner end of the line) and connect this end with the backing ). For connecting backing with the line it's better to use the special knot (see  fly fishing knots ). Then buy in fishing shop   braided loops and put one of them to the another end of the line. In this case the line will be ended with the loop. Then take the poly leader #3X bought in the same shop and connect it with the line with the loop to loop connection. And at the end connect the leader with the 1-1.5 m tippet of 0.16 mm mono filament also loop to loop. Put the reel to the rod and that's all, simply isn't it. At this point ( even earlier before you will start buy anything ) the best thing is to start looking for friends who will help you to learn casting.

 But if you are so shy or so selfish (it's your right) take the rod find an empty place (at 12 o'clock of the night with full pale moon on the 13-th of Friday go to the cross road  in moors near Baskerville's Hall... ) or a lawn somewhere without dogs women and children tie to the tippet a fly with trimmed hook's bend let out 5-7 m of the line from the rod put it on the grass and holding the rod with your right hand and the part of the line near the reel with your left hand so that it was approximately half a meter left from your breast start to lift whipping the rod from the position 9-10 o'clock in front of you ( 9 o'clock means horizontally with the ground ) to the position 12-13 o'clock ( 12 o'clock means vertically ) and when the line will be in line ( horizontally ) with the ground behind you pull whipping the rod forward so that the line will be horizontally in line with the ground in front of you targeting to the point 1-1.5 m above the surface of the ground. And try to hold the line in the air this manner. Actually all this reminds me  teaching bicycling by manual. Actually it isn't so hard like it sounds. Simply try to hold in the air 3-10 m of the the line. Experienced men can hold all line it's 25-27 m. Then with your left hand take off from the reel 2-3 m of line and put it in front of you and when you are holding in the air 5-7 m of the line release the line you are holding with the left hand when the rod goes forward and let the flying line take with it the released part of the line. You will see that doing so you can change line's length. All it sounds terrible but actually isn't hard at all. Try it. And when you will learn doing it within beginner's distances of 8-!5 m without killing somebody nearby, you are ready to try catch something (better the fish ) somewhere on the water. As for me I'm easily casting within 15 m and my personal record is 19 m. Of cause, I am not casting every day I am too lazy and comfortable but fortunately it's almost enough for practical fishing.  I will try to improve my casting. So will you I think. And now before you will go fishing to the banks of our streams, ponds, lakes or to the shore of the sea remember that every time you are casting you must be sure that there is nobody behind you! Or you will have a chance to catch someone's eye.

 And now at last we will go fishing! The best way to try to catch your first fish is to visit one of the still water trout ponds where you will have very good chance to meet your first rainbow. There are many ponds nearby Tallinn but as for me I prefer two of them. The first is situated only 23 km from Tallinn by Pärnu highway near the bridge over Keila river. It's small a little bit over populated with the fish but it is superb for your first steps in casting and fishing. Fishing there gives you a wonderful chance to catch a 1-2 kg rainbow even if there will be a lack of casting practice. The best bait must be something of red,  white, gold; streamer or wolly bugger. You can buy them in "Konks" or situated in nearby building fishing shop. Let the bait slowly sink and slowly drift and takes will come. A propos, most of the people are fishing there with simple rods so you with your tackle will look like a cool guy there. Don't forget to take with you your family to prove them that everything you are doing you are doing right.
Another pond is situated 100 km from Tallinn in Türi Allika half way between Paide and Türi. It's better, bigger and normally populated with fish. It has banks with clear space for casting but for fishing there you must have more practice.

At this point I think we have to stop. Our goal is riched.  From now all improvements are impossible without the help of good experienced friends from fly fishing world. Look around and you will find them. Good luck!